Metal recycling shredder wear parts

Metal recycling shredder wear parts

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Mayang Castings shredder wear parts run tough… and wear long. Cast in our ISO 9001 foundry, all our wear parts, from hammers and grates to pin protectors and caps, are made from virgin materials with exacting attention to detail and our proprietary heat treat cycle.


Longer run times than standard manganese castings


Lower cost per ton

Better ferrous tons out than competing castings


Free replacement guarantee

If problem is due to material or workmanship

Whether you’re shredding automobiles, sheet metal, aluminum, muni waste or other items, we can help you choose the right hammer for any size shredder.

If you haven’t yet ordered from Mayang Castings, give our website an in-depth look and then give us a call +1(626)341-2138. We’d love to be part of your team’s success.