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Hammer YR-0065


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    Product Name

    Category: Hammer, Hammer
    Crusher cone spare parts production process
    Hammerhead production process

    Service / FAQ


    • Mayang offer time-unlimited quality guarantee
    • The most stable and reasonable price
    • Delivery on time
    • Trustworthy service

    2015 quality report:

    • 0.15% rejection in 28,000 tons production value
    • “0” quality issue report from customers on March, July and November

    Quality issue process

    • First of all, we will collect all information about the issue parts, such as the casting number, pictures and the working condition to figure out the real reason why the products happened issue.
    • Then, our engineer will trace the production records according to the casting number, and analyzing the casting sample again we kept, the pictures will bring a lot of information what we need.
    • Finally, they will make a solution to avoid the issue happen again. The quality tracing person inspects and follows how is going of the quality solution.

    Price guarantee

    • Ensure the current offer is the most stable & reasonable price
    • 1 year valid per agreement
    • The price fluctuation is depend on the material cost and exchange rate, but the 5% down and up, the price will keep same.
    • To door price

    Guarantee for Delivery

    • MY use ERP system manage the production schedule, the progress will update everyday at each process to make sure the process in schedule.
    • The production ERP system will remind automatically to process once the date out of schedule, and workshop have to perform by order of production manager.
    • 45 days for existing pattern, and 60 days for new pattern .

    Customer Service

    • Customer site visits, both before & after sales
    • Technical proposal in response to the customer specific requirements
    • Technical support for the product applications
    • Seeking customer’s feedback for continued improvement

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