Production Equipment

We have a first-class professional team, first-class equipment, and first-class working environment.

Our goal is to provide the most competitive and high-quality products and the most satisfactory service to our global customers from beginning to end.


Currently, we have 20829 molds, with an average of 690 new ones added annually

Number of molds
Average annual increase

V-Process & Molding

V Process Production Technology To Make Crusher Wear Part Jaw Plate And Shredder Hammer As Well As Milk Liner. Premium Quality With Trustworthy Service!

Machining Shop

Our first-class team,first class equipment and first class working environment ensure the realization of our long-held consistent goal of providing our world-wide customers with the most competitive quality products and most satisfactory services.

Main machining Equipment: 7 sets of 1.8-2.7m gantry milling machines, vertical lathes: 16 sets of ¢1.6m, 1 sets of ¢2m , 4 sets of ¢2.5m , 1 sets of ¢3.5m, 1 sets of ¢5m.

Melting furnace

  • 1 set of 0.7T test furnace
  • 1 set of 3T intermediate frequency furnace
  • 1 set of 10T intermediate frequency furnace
  • 1 set of 12T intermediate frequency furnace

Heat Treatment Workshop

12 sets of natural gas heat treatment furnaces, 8 sets in operation

Heat treatment temperature control and water falling time control can meet the requirements from various angles, with high toughness and less likely to cause damage to the machine

1 set of isothermal heat treatment furnace

Salt bath quenching, bainite metallographic structure

4 sets of electric furnaces

Quenching of High Chromium Products